Nutritional therapy

Nutritional Therapy bridges the link between food, lifestyle & health conditions.


Nutritional therapy is a person centered approach to achieving wellness. Here at Solihull Natural Health and Beauty Clinic a holistic approach is taken to identify the route cause of every health concern


The interconnectedness of body, mind, and emotions, including external factors such as  social and environmental including stressors are all relevant in determining the status of our health. Nutritional dificiencies, inflammation and stress are involved in most if not all health conditions therefore addressing all of these elements together may increase the body's chances of acheiving wellness.

Functional testing is sometimes necessary to take a deeper look at what is happening within the body. this is dependant on the presentiong symtoms.



The consultation


Following the confirmation of the appointment for nutritional therapy, you will receive a comprehensive health status questionnaire and a 3 day food diary via email. All forms need to be completed and returned prior to the appointment.


This initial consultation will take up to an hour and is our chance to discuss all of your health concerns in detatil. We will then discuss and decide on the course of action.

Following this apersonalised wellness plan will be created which will  include dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations, plus  diagnostic testing (if required). 

A follow up 30 minute consultation will be recommended 4 weeks later.





Initial Consultation (60 minutes) to include bespoke 7 day menu-planner:- £75

Follow-up consultations may be advised, to monitor progress and make further changes or recommendations, if required.

A £20 may be requested to secure the booking that will come off the consultation price.


Follow-up Consultation (approximately 45 minutes):- £50.


Any functional testing comes at an additional cost.

Additional 3 day personalised menu-planners:- £12.00
Additional 7 day personalised menu-planners:- £25.00




Solihull Natural Health & Beauty Clinic employs expert, committed and experienced staff. Find out more about them below.

Sally Farmer




Beauty Therapist

Nutritional Therapist

Bowens Therapist / Practioner

Here at Solihull Natural Health and Beauty Clinic, we see clients for nutritional therapy from all over Wythall, Shirley, Solihull, Hollywood, kings heath, kings norton and all other parts of Birmingham

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