Beauty Treatments


* Full leg & Brazilian waxing  £45.00

*full leg & hollywood               £50.00

* Full leg & bikini waxing        £30.00

*Full leg wax                          £20.00

*Half leg & bikini wax             £20.00

*Half leg wax                          £15.00

*Brazilian waxing                   £30.00

Hollywood waxing                  £35.00

High bikini                              £18.00  

*Bikini Line wax                     £15.00

*Underarm wax                      £8.00

*Full arm wax                        £12.00

*Forearm waxing                  £10.00

*Full face wax                       £15.00

*Lip & chin wax                     £7.00

*Eyebrow shape                   £7.00


Male Grooming & Waxing:

*Full body wax                                                         £65.00

*Back & chest  wax                                                  £35.00

*Back wax                                                                 £22.00

*Chest wax                                                                £22.00

*Back & upper arms wax                                           £28.00

*Customised skin treatments (Dermalogica)             £40.00


Dermalogica Skin Treatments:

All skin treatments are customised during the face mapping process to identify your specific skin concerns. A perosnal product description will then be prescribed to deliver excellent results whilst enjoying the experience.


*Indulge in a luxury skin treatment that includes a scalp, neck, shoulder, hand & foot massage - 75 Minutes            £65.00


*Enjoy a regular skin treatment including head, neck & shoulder masssge - 45 Minutes   £45.00


*Microzone Dermalogica Treatment, skin focussed only - 20 minutes      £25.00


Eye Treatments:

*individual classic Lashes                £45.00

*Cluster Lashes                               £25.00

*Eyelash / brow tint & shape            £20.00

*Eyelash tint                                     £9.00

*Eyebrow tint                                    £6.50



Honey I Shrunk Body Wraps:

Drop a dress size with a unique body wrap, which targets fat cells & attaches to them, to give better results than standard wraps, which normally only target water & detoxification. This can be used as a one off treatment, or as a course of treatments as part of an ongoing weight loss programme. These wraps can also be offered alongside nutritional advice consultations - for an holistic approach to health & weight management.


1 wrap - £45.00

1 wrap with nutritional therapy consultation - £85.00.

(Courses available)


Hopi Ear Candling:

Hopi ear candles can be used for many conditions including temporary deafness caused by excess wax, congested sinuses, irritation in the ears, ringing or noises in the ears, tinnitus, rhinitus, glue ear, colds, flu, headaches, migranes.

This treatment with Solihull Natural Health & Beauty Clinic includes a head massage.       £22.00



*Back, shoulder & neck massage - 20 Minutes          £25.00

*Back, shoulder & neck massage - 30 Minutes          £30.00

*Full body massage Massage       - 60 Minutes          £40.00


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