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Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Sally Farmer and I am the owner of Solihull Natural Health and Beauty Clinic based in Wythall.


I have spent many years increasing my knowledge, expertise and qualifications to offer my clients a whole range of treatments which can improve health and increase overall wellbeing. I also offer a range of beauty treatments for clients aiming to enhance their apperance, or endulge in relaxing pamper days.


Beauty Treatments:


My career in beauty therapy developed in 1997 qualifying at a level 3. I have since gone on to develope my skills by training in Dermalogica skin treatments and skin peels,eye lash extensions, Brazillian and Hollywood hot waxing, all other waxing treatments, massage, eyelash tining and eyebrow shaping etc and now also offer semi permanent makeup.


Sally Farmer NVQ 1,2 & 3


Nutritional Therapy:

Our bodies have an amazing capacity for self-repair in the presence of the right nutrients. That is why what we eat and drink is so important.


Through my own personal challenges as a beauty therapist, I was introduced to complementary therapies by a naturopathic doctor to aid my blood sugar and subsequent energy imbalances, sleep issues and chronic joint pain. My own personal successes then gave me the encouragement and belief that there was an alternative to a conventional approach to achieving health and wellness.


I believe that the air we breathe, the food we eat, our stressors and the emotions we feel all have a significant impact on our health. Our nutrition is a factor that we can easily influence. A Many do not realise  how all aspects of our being can be strongly influenced by what we eat.

Nutritional therapy offers an all round holistic approach to wellness that incudes lifestyle, physical, and emotional support.

My interest in nutritional therapy sky rocketed when my own child developed eczema as a baby and was also experiencing chronic viral infections that were accommanied by fibrile seizures. After many courses of antibiotics she started developing fungal infections within her gut that resulted in abdominal bloating and discomfort accompanied by food intolerances/allergies. 

I persued the path of nutritional therapy that aims to rebalance the digestive system and reduce inflammation that is implicated in eczema.

My daughter eventually recovered to full health and now leads a very healthy life.


Sally Farmer CNM Dip


Bowen Therapy: NST Neurostructural intergration technique:


The Bowen Technique was devised by and named after the late Tom Bowen in the 1940's. Prior to this Tom had worked very closely with the Chinese.

This dynamic system of muscle and tissue therapy aims to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms by working over muscles and ligaments, rebalancing and realigning the body. This is good news for ANYONE with muscular / skeletal or nerve and joint related pain.


Due to my own on going back, hip, shoulder & knee pain I sort after an alternaitve approach to mainstream medicine (i.e. painkillers etc) and discovered  Bowen Therapy. After 2 or 3 Bowen treatments back in 2001, I was delighted to find that my body had been rebalanced and was free of back & joint pain.

The cause of this was a tilt in my pelvis, which had never been diagnosed previously. As my tilted pelvis is due to a repetative strain injury (i.e. job related and the way i have to stand to work), I continue to have maintenance Bowen sessions that i perceive as an MOT for the body to realign and rebalance the muscular/skeletal systems.


I then decided to offer this treatment  to my own clients as massage therapy wasn't able to correct imbalances and deeper rooted problems

I became a fully qualified Bowen Therapist in 2014.

I later went on to further my training in the advanced version of Bowen called NST. Neurostructural intergration technique works on a slighty deeper level moving muscles, ligaments and tissues to deliver great results.


Sally Farmer Dip CNM NST BANT CNHC


Neuro Strutural Integration Technique (NST)





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